Ready, Professor One?

Ready, Professor One?

A Fellowship-and-Support Group for English Teachers Working Online

Is the Campus Obsolete?

This coming Friday at 2:00pm CDT, join me for a conversation about whether on-campus learning is necessary, and if so, why. Contact me for the Zoom login info. sorina[dot]higgins[at]signumu[dot]org. In this time of corona, many are speculating that a great number of colleges and universities will move online permanently, at least in part. Some hail […]

Are We Working Hard Enough?

We’ve now had two meetings of my little online-English-professors’ fellowship-and-support group. [That’s a lot of hyphens, but I’m saddened by the impending extinction of the hyphen, so I’m trying to breed more and release them into the wild.] In our second meeting, we covered a lot of important topics, and I’d like to share them […]

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