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Sorina01-1A Handful of Hazelnuts: Short Stories. Forthcoming in Fall 2023 from the Signum University Press. Meanwhile, you can become a personal patron of my writing!

An edited collection of essays on Modern Arthuriana by students of Signum University. Title and release information TBA.

Gardeners of the Galaxies: How Other Worlds Teach Us to Care for This One. Edited collection, with Dr. Brenton Dickieson. Authors are currently drafting their chapters; check back for periodic updates.


Will King Arthur ever return to England? He already hasIn the midst of war-torn Britain, King Arthur returned in the writings of the Oxford Inklings. Learn how J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and Owen Barfield brought hope to their times and our own in their Arthurian literature. Although studies of the “Oxford Inklings” abound, astonishingly enough, none has yet examined their great body of Arthurian work. Yet each of these major writers tackled serious and relevant questions about government, gender, violence, imperialism, secularism, and spirituality through their stories of the Quest for the Holy Grail. This rigorous and sophisticated volume studies these topics for the first time. The Inklings and King Arthur


This is a new edition of Charles Williams’s two mature volumes of Arthurian verse: Taliessin through Logres and The Region of the Summer Stars, released in 2016 by Apocryphile Press. Previously, this poetry was out of print and difficult to obtain. This inexpensive volume contains a new introduction that I wrote for Taliessin, guiding the reader through the delights and challenges of these obscure but rewarding poems, giving instructions for first readings and rereadings, and noting important themes. Through the voice of Taliessin, King Arthur’s poet, and other famous Arthurian characters, these timeless poems explore sacramental objects, the Two Ways of theology, the Image of the City, CW’s distinctive anatomical geography, and the revelatory and salvific power of poetry. 

Chapel proofThe Chapel of the Thorn is now available on Amazon. This is an early play by Charles Williams (written in 1912 and published for the first time in 2014 by Apocryphile Press), edited and introduced by Sørina Higgins, with a preface by Grevel Lindop (Charles Williams’ official biographer, author of Charles Williams: The Third Inkling (OUP 2015), and an essay by David Llewellyn Dodds (editor of the Charles Williams volume in Boydell & Brewer’s Arthurian Poets series). The Chapel of the Thorn is a two-act verse drama in which Christians and pagans contend for control of the Crown of Thorns. Its themes of spiritual tension, sacred vs. secular power, and religious war are as powerful now as they were when Williams wrote this play just over one hundred years ago. The Chapel of the Thorn: A Dramatic Poem

soul of wit.jpgHere is a collection of flash fiction and short-form poetry I edited for Signum University’s “Almost an Inkling” Creative Writing Contest in 2016. The Soul of Wit is a rich and varied body of short works of literature from tweet-length pieces to 1,000-word myths that create whole secondary worlds: immersive, captivating, speculative, funny, heartbreaking, breathtaking, and transcendent. Each is, in its own small-sized way, a work of compelling subcreation: the art of making a new secondary world out of pre-existing real-world and legendary elements in combination with astonishing imaginative creations. Perhaps Tolkien and Lewis would be proud.

caduceus cover imageCaduceus. This is a full-length collection of forty-seven poems, one hundred pages long, published by David Robert Books in 2012. Heartbreak and faith are the twin strands threading through these poems in both traditional forms and experimental open shapes. It is available on amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is endorsed by three superstar poets. Jeanne Murray Walker says: “she has written a musical, heartbreaking, timely and timeless book.” Luci Shaw writes: “Here is a poet of a deep, dissecting and penetrating faith.” And Dana Gioia states: “Her work embraces the lyric and the narrative, the sexy and the sacred. Hers is a capacious imagination trying to make sense of a world full of both heartbreak and wonder which she views with a tough-minded clarity and vast compassion.” In this volume, Sørina explores a variety of personas, speaking voices of lovers, skeptics, preachers, believers, metaphors, and “The Voice of God.”  Caduceus

Cover ImageThe Significance of Swans. This was Sørina’s debut publication: a passionate pilgrimage through myth, faith, and legend. It is a chapbook of twenty-five poems; it is twenty-nine pages long. It was published by Finishing Line Press in 2008 and was nominated for a Conference on Christianity and Literature book-of-the-year award. This book led David Huddle to call Sørina a “crafty poet with a composer’s ear and a painter’s eye.” Louisa Gilder, Author of Age of Entanglement, wrote: “White birds, black birds, and every shade of gray sky and green yearning–all are lit by Higgins’ flickering, searching, tested faith, to become signposts to the ineffable.” It is available on amazon. The Significance of Swans

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Sorina’s creative writing has also appeared in Radix, The Mythic Circle, Sehnsucht, Stillpoint, Relief, Innisfree, Studio, Perspectives, Alive Now, Windhover, Bible & Spade, and idiom.