Daily Choices

“According to Scripture, the world we live in is God’s creation. It is the visual, fragrant, audible, touchable, and tastable manifestation of God’s love, the place where God’s desire that others be and be well finds earthly expression.”

― Norman Wirzba, From Nature to Creation 

This beautiful planet on which we live, filled with people created in the image of God, is tragically being trashed by our irresponsible use of it. Carbon emissions, single-use plastics, fast fashion, rampant consumerism, sweat shops, processed foods, cleaning chemicals, fossil fuels, and so much more are destroying this glorious world. Systemic racism; poverty; and lack of access to clean water, nutritious food, good education, and high-quality healthcare are keeping our brothers and sisters from fully flourishing. While large industries and industrial agriculture are responsible for ecological damage on the largest scale, and past political decisions continue to wreak havoc on the American economy and race relations, there are things that we can do in our everyday lives to care for the planet, people, and the future.

Join me on the middle Monday of every month to talk about
“Ethical Living” in the areas of Creation Care and Social Justice.

We’ll learn about little things we can each do to make positive changes in the products we consume, the ways we live in our homes and neighborhoods, and how we interact with others on the local, state, and national levels.


We share ideas both amateur and professional about growing native flowers and food, composting, lawn care, water usage, and more. You can make little changes whether you live on a farm or in a dorm room!


We’ll talk about ways we can make food choices that are healthy for our bodies, our neighborhoods, the people who grow and process it, the planet, and the economy.


We’ve been trying to learn about the impacts made by the products we buy and about the power we wield through our purchases.

Social Justice

We’ve brainstormed and researched ways that we can learn about and then work against injustice, mostly in the area of the racial reckoning our country is going through.


“Daily Choices” meets online at 4pm Central Time on the middle Monday of each month.
Here is a tentative schedule for Spring 2021.
Contact me for the zoom info.

January 18th: FOOD Part I
There is homework for this session <gasp>! Please watch Food, Inc. before coming to the meeting. We’ll start by getting to know any newcomers and sharing things we’ve done over the past few months for planet- and people-care. Then we’ll talk about the consequences of the food we eat and put in place a plan for a Kitchen Inventory.

February 15th: FOOD Part II & spring planting plans
Sometime before this session, please complete the Kitchen Inventory that we talked about last time. Then during the meeting, we’ll talk about what you discovered; what changes you want to make; and how you can nurture yourself, your family, and your neighbors with your food choices.

March 15th: TRASH Part I & more spring planting plans
Before this meeting, you may want to watch one or more of these movies about waste and look to see if your area has some kind of “Keep [Your Town] Beautiful” organization. During the meeting, we’ll talk about how to organize a Trash Walk.

April 19th: TRASH Part II
Before this meeting, please organize and go on a Trash Walk! Then during the meeting, we’ll talk about how it went, who joined you, what you learned, etc.

May 17th: How To Fight Racism
A discussion of Jemar Tisby’s new book How To Fight Racism. Please get a copy of this book and read it (or at least skim it) before our meeting. N.B.: This book is written from a Christian perspective and contains sections that are explicitly Christian in content. However, it is also intensely practical and has lots of helpful, ordinary suggestions that anybody can use to fight racism, no matter their religion or areligious identity.

Let’s change the world together.

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