Patronage Opportunity

Dear Visitor! I’m coming to you with a sizable and serious request. If you enjoy the content that I create, would you consider becoming a patron of me and my writing? You can do so through the Author’s Circle program at the Signum University Press.

I have so very many writing projects going on right now, and I’d dearly love to have you join me as financial supporter, encourager, beta reader, and accountability partner. My salary as Editor-in-Chief is quite small, so anything I can earn by way of royalties is a great help, as we are a single-income family embarking on a new Homesteading adventure.

Here are all the projects I currently have underway:
1. This blog (theoretically! it tends to get neglected).
2. My short story collection Shall These Bones Breathe? to which you can subscribe in monthly installments (although you’d get those as part of an Author’s Circle package). The next story comes out this Thursday (March 16th, 2023), so hurry over if you’d like that one. It’s an adaptation of a Greek myth, and I think you’d like it.
3. Scripts for a course from Wondrium/The Teaching Company on The Life and Works of C.S. Lewis.
4. My life’s work! The long-anticipated Annotated Arthuriad of Charles Williams.
5. Editorial work on all of these projects from the Signum University Press (and probably an introduction, chapter, etc. for some of them, esp. the Arthurian collection).
6. An upcoming keynote talk for Mythmoot X on Tolkien’s only play, The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm’s Son.
7. Lectures for my fall M.A. course on The Inklings’ Magical Milieu (which will be available for audit, BTW).
8. My dissertation book, at some point, if the publisher to whom I submitted it ever gets back to me?
9. Gardeners of the Galaxies, which I’m editing with Brenton Dickieson (of A Pilgrim in Narnia fame).
10. A series of “Writing Tips” over on the Press’s TikTok account. Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to address.

Whew. That’s rather a lot. And YOU can join me to talk about these, read drafts, help me brainstorm, give feedback, share ideas, and more. Are you interested? Here’s some more info:

The Author’s Circle allows greater interaction with the author and the text. Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to text and audio chapters on release
  • Access to notes and updates during the writing process
  • Monthly meetings with the author to discuss and give feedback on the most recent chapter
  • Sneak previews of cover art and illustrations
  • A mention in the book if they make a suggestion included in the final book
  • Acknowledgement in the final volume
  • Personalized versions of the book at final publication

You can sign up here today!