1619 & 1776 is a podcast exploring the common ground between American Christians on the left and the right. In each episode, I listen to pastors, priests, ministers, and preachers talk about what they see as the core of our faith, what the last few years have been like for them, and how we can come together in unity throughout the church today. Every now and then, I’ll jump in and do a solo episode in which I reflect on what I’ve observed so far.

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1619 & 1776 launched on June 20th, 2022. You can subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts. If you are a member of the clergy and you’d like to do an interview, please contact me. If you think your church’s leader would like to be interviewed, please connect us.

Let’s build bridges across the geological fault lines that divide us.

Episode 1.1: Introduction

American Christianity is falling apart. In this first episode, Sørina Higgins talks about the terrible schisms in the church today, what approach she’ll be taking to interviewing pastors about Christian re-unification, why she’s the one doing this project, what the title means, and more. Join her to build bridges across the chasms that divide us.

Episode 1.2: Malcolm Foley

The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Foley is one of the pastors at Mosaic Waco in Texas. He finished his PhD in Religion at Baylor University in December 2021; his dissertation is on African-American responses to lynching. Here, he talks about current events, based on his fundamental belief in the Kingship of Jesus Christ.

Episode 1.3: Jeff Hatton

In the second interview in this series, Rev. Dr. Jeff Hatton of Redeemer Waco in Texas emphasizes that the Gospel is good news, not good advice, and that it informs every aspect of our lives. He expresses concern over the ways that discourse is shaped and controlled these days.

Episode 1.4: Bruce Johnson

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Johnson of Scottsdale, Arizona, starts with the foundational importance of unity with Christ. From there, he builds his case that Christians must pursue unity with one another.

Episode 1.5: Andrew Barshinger

Rev. Barshinger encourages Christians to remember that we should be better equipped than anyone else to understand each other and bridge some divisions. He urges us to avoid extremes and to reaffirm the social and culture importance of church.

Episode 1.6: Juli Thompson

Rev. Thompson presents rigorous theological foundations for serving one another, supporting vulnerable members, and being a force for practical good in our communities and political environments.

Episode 1.7: Commentary Interlude

Here, my Producer Christopher Bartlet turns the tables, interviewing me about what I’ve observed so far. Listen in to hear what I’ve noticed about common ground, irreconcilable differences, practical steps, and more.

Episode 1.8: Adam Tyler

Rev. Adam Tyler serves a Baptist church in Virginia. He has an important perspective on getting along with rural folks and dealing with racial issues in the South.

Episode 1.9: Aaron Williams

Rev. Aaron Williams serves at a Presbyterian church in Seattle, where his (predominantly white) congregation enjoys a special partnership called “Kindred” with an African American church and a Chinese church.

Episode 1.10: Brad Schmidt

Rev. Brad Schmidt serves in southern Florida, where he works to invite in people of different backgrounds. We enjoyed a conversation about intellectual hospitality and “visiting” or “welcoming” other viewpoints than our own.

Upcoming Interviewees:
Aaron Zimmerman
Tom Bridgman
Charis Weathers