1619 & 1776 is a podcast exploring the common ground between American Christians on the left and the right. In each episode, I listen to pastors, priests, ministers, and preachers talk about what they see as the core of our faith, what the last few years have been like for them, and how we can come together in unity throughout the church today. Every now and then, I’ll jump in and do a solo episode in which I reflect on what I’ve observed so far.

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1619 & 1776 will launch on June 20th, 2022, with an introductory episode and the first interview. Subsequent episodes will appear on a bi-weekly basis. Once the podcast is live, you will be able to subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts. Meanwhile, if you are a member of the clergy and you’d like to do an interview, please contact me. If you think your church’s leader would like to be interviewed, please connect us.

Let’s build bridges across the geological fault lines that divide us.